How to Remove/Disable RSS Feeds in WordPress?

RSS, or really simple syndication, were the hip thing some 10 years ago when the social media was still in the embryonic stage. RSS feeds allowed users to subscribe to your blog posts and get the latest articles delivered to their desktops instantly. Now, most people get their content and news dose via social media … Continue reading »

How to Remove Welcome Panel in WordPress?

In WordPress Dashboard, the first page has a huge Welcome Panel. The objective of this panel is to help new users of WordPress to easily add posts, modify the design and make other changes. The Welcome panel is basically a meta box added to the Dashboard screen of WordPress. It includes shortcuts to different sections … Continue reading »

Customize WordPress admin back-end

Do you create WordPress themes for clients? Or just want a customised WordPress admin area in the back-end? You might also be looking for customisation to make it a better experience for your registered members to access the back-end to update their profiles or add some posts. Whatever your reason, WordPress allows you to easily tweak the admin dashboard.

WordPress: Automatically convert URLs and emails into clickable links

You must have seen how many websites convert all URLs and email addresses into clickable links without you having to add any HTML code. The system automatically detects URLs and email addresses in the content and converts them into links. If you have a WordPress website that includes lots of raw URLs and emails that you want to make clickable, it is fairly easy to do so.

WordPress: Maintenance mode without plugin

If you need to keep your website down while you perform an upgrade or solve some problem, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that allow you to activate the maintenance mode and show a “Down for Maintenance” message to visitors. However, you can do this even without adding to the clutter of plugins on your WordPress site.

WordPress: Automatically create media buttons for shortcodes

Shortcodes are pretty cool way of formatting content as well as doing a lot of other things. However, common users can often have problems when they have to remember and type the shortcodes to achieve the desired results. Even if you are a pro at WordPress, you can still forget some shortcode exists in your WordPress theme. It would have been easy if all shortcodes were available for selection in a dropdown media button in the text editor.

Hide Theme Editor from WordPress Dashboard

Do you want to remove the theme editor from your WordPress blog/website? There can be various scenarios when the theme editor is not required at all in the WordPress dashboard. For instance, you are creating a website for your client who does not need to make any changes to the theme. You might have multiple administrators for your website, but you do not want them to have access to the theme edit panel. Then there is the risk of an accidental change to the theme.