Why Optimising Your WordPress Install is Important

One of the most important parts of successfully running a website is making sure that the system is fully optimised. In other words, you’ll need to ensure that your loading times are acceptable, and on-par with the options offered by your competitors. Since WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms for modern developers … Continue reading »

Show Your Product Images in 3D Using Responsive Turntable.js Slider

Interested in creating a 3D view of any object? Here’s a simple jQuery script — Turntable.js — that will help you create a 3D rotating slider to allow your website visitors check out any object from different directions. Let’s create a responsive JQuery slider to showcase your products in 3D from different angles.

Typeplate: A starter kit for beautiful typography

Typography is one of the most important part in web design. If you are into minimal design, you know you can create awesome websites with just a background, some HTML5/CSS3 and lots of focus on typography. Fonts that you on your sites can make them look pretty or ugly. So proper rendering of fonts is critical for a beautiful website. Typeplate is a “typographic starter kit” which helps you design aesthetic websites by defining proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns.

Five Free Bootstrap themes

BootStrap by Twitter is a great starting point for web design projects. It allows you to create exciting websites loaded with features without having to start from scratch. Given the advantages of Bootstrap, many designers have started offering free Bootstrap themes for HTML, WordPres, Joomla, Drupal and other platforms. Here we list five great themes for Twitter Bootstrap.