Anchor CMS

Anchor CMS, from their own words, is a simple and lightweight blogging platform. It can beat WordPress in being quick to install as well.

It has been designed for creatives and is freely available via GitHub:

Anchor CMS: a content management system, written in PHP5, and designed for art–directed blogs. All for free. It’s licensed under the WTFPL.

Some features of Anchor CMS

  • Markdown-happy: Anchor gives you full freedom over your words. Just write in Markdown or HTML, whatever you prefer.
  • Light weight: Anchor weighs in smaller than a standard JPG image (~150kb).
  • Open-source: It’s all hosted on GitHub, and anyone is welcomed and invited to collaborate and contribute.
  • Works in any language: Anchor is fully i18n compatible, so you can just grab a language file and get speaking Anchor in no time.
  • Simple theming: Creating and modifying a theme is as simple as knowing some very simple PHP and HTML/CSS. There’s no need to learn any templating languages.
  • Easy to install: It installs in two minutes.