Freepik image search engine

If you are a web designer (amateur, professional or just an enthusiast), at least some part of your project time goes into finding relevant images, icons and vectors for your designs.

Google does help, but it isn’t the right tool for finding images for this purpose. One, it does not filter the images based on quality. Second, it gives you more links to paid sites or restricted content that cannot be used in your design. Eventually, you end up manually browsing through hundreds of websites, digging even deeper into the sites that you find good. Lots of time.

Freepik—a online tool to search FREE graphic resources and images—can be a big time saver. Freepik is a specialist search engine that helps designers locate high quality photos, vectors, illustrations and PSD files.

You can browse through a huge list of graphic resources presented in an orderly layout. Freepik makes it easy to check the licence of the graphic element to ensure that you do not violate any term/law. Once you find the images or resources, you are to the source websites for downloading the files. This way the creators of the elements are not deprived of their due benefit—free traffic to their websites.

You can also use Freepik as a design inspiration source for you web or graphic design projects. Freepik aims to become a leading sources of graphics related free content.