Sell Media WordPress Plugin

Sell Media is a free plugin that allows you to sell images, videos, audio files and PDFs directly from your WordPress website. You can categorize your media into collections, create private collections and display image metadata.

You can use the plugin to create your own stock photo website with different licences and prices for each media file. Sell Media protects your high resolution images by placing them in a folder that isn’t web-accessible. There are multiple paid extensions available for this plugin as well. For example, you can buy a “Watermark” plugin to add, what else, watermarks on images.

Add a new item for sale on the Sell Media -> Add New page, copy-paste the shortcode on a page post or text widget. It will insert the image and an “Add to Cart” button below it. The shortcode would look like this: [sell_media id=”257″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue” size=”medium”]

You can also bulk upload images to sell media using this plugin. Upload images and then check the “Sell Media” option available when you click on the “Show” link of the image.

The plugin also allows you to have an entire gallery of images for sale by creating “Collection” of sale items.

You can use shortcodes (small snippets of codes) in posts, pages or widgets to add the Sell Media functionalities to your site.

  • Display the Checkout Cart – [sell_media_checkout]
  • Display the Thanks page – [sell_media_thanks]
  • Display a Buy Button for a specific item – [sell_media_buy_button]
  • Display a Search Form for Sell Media items – [sell_media_searchform]

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